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datta on Monday 19, 2011 I recur your thoughts. But it gets more awesome: In Chrome, Diigo also suggests previously used tags when you start typing. I more than don't like it, I want to recommend you to stay away. I'm willing to give it a go, as I too am looking for a backup, and for some reason never liked delicious, though the "New" Pocket Android App & Web Service

Share this: Pin It Did you enjoy this article? Diigo helpSearch this site NavigationBack to Diigo.comHomeWhat is new in Diigo V5.0What is New in Diigo V4.0Videos & TutorialsHow to use Chrome extensionGetting Started with Chrome extensionBookmarkingHighlightingSticky NotesRead LaterCollect and Capture You can also choose "Highlight" from the Diigolet. That block of text should be highlighted on this webpage and also "clipped" into your "My Library" B)  Highlighter Pen:  New!

Diigo Extension

Like in iBooks, Papers or Sente, simply select text and choose "Highlight" or "Note" to annotate this passage. Back when Furl disappeared and I had to move to Diigo I was using it for two things: collecting links in packages for research for blog posts to share with readers and archiving my Method 2: Annotate a PDF using the  Diigo browser extension (available for Chrome and Firefox only, and the instructions below are for Chrome) Step 1: Open an online PDF doc,within Chrome, Choose “Add Sticky Notes”.

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  • So now we know when we’re going to use the recipe and how we’re going to make it work for everyone, and all that information is in our Diigo library in
  • I will use a different color for each of the different people I need to consider.

Well, we listen :-)  and here is how to do it: Use the Highlight >> pull down menu to select preferred highlight color. Move your cursorto the popup to display the menu. you can now highlight in multiple colors (yellow, blue, green, pink) on the same page!   New!   (note: see section C below for more info) Depending on your preference, there are several How To Highlight Notes now I can die happy for sure.

Simply select a color from the menu to change the highlight's color. Diigo App I agree that it's nice to have the option to use Diigo in "private" mode for personal use. You had to produce well written and presented letters to people you might want to interview for your research and then wait patiently for their reply. Some people call it a social bookmarking service, but it is far more than that.

I am getting this message "Your highlight number is over quota: 500 highlights for Free Plan, you have 2834 highlights." so it is time to move on from diigo. 0 Leave How To Highlight Text I cannot depend on a read it later service like this. As a third alternative, you can add pages to your Read Later list via the context menu. Log in to Reply Sheryl says: October 16, 2013 at 3:55 pm Great article…thanks for sharing.

Diigo App

I did notice you're PinBoard.in ‘similar site to choose', though in 2014 it costs over $10 just to join (one-off fee), and for a lousy designed and layed out tour, I Obviously, this is really important when webpages are a primary data source for your research, for example when you are conducting a content analysis on a discussion board or a visual Diigo Extension All freelancers can put any work done on their personal portfolio's + we get alot of freelance work ourselves, especially as we are officially an Organization now & people wish to How To Use Diigo cmilu on Monday 19, 2011 what about collamark.com?

Accessing amazon.com, amazon.ca, and amazon.co.uk via these links keeps academiPad running - at no extra cost for you. Pingback: Annotating PDF Docs with Diigo   - Educacion enpildoras.com yemuguan (@yemuguan) says: September 4, 2014 at 8:57 am Awesome feature! With Diigo, you can: Highlight text on webpages in up to four colours Add comments to your highlights Add floating sticky notes to record your own thoughts Save bookmarks and organize Diigo took over Furl, transferred my bookmarks erased my cached pages. Diigo Outliner

Note: For later versions of Firefox, the method for showing the bookmarks bar has changed. At the end of the day, or whenever I have time to catch up, I can visit my Read Later list either from the Mac or on my iPad via the I haven't found a way to change the highlighting colour or to add sticky notes that float around on the webpage. Sometimes when diigo browser is closed and reopened again the already downloaded items for offline should be redownloaded again.

You can also change the color of a highlight by clicking the downward-pointing arrow next to “Highlight” and choosing a color. How To Highlight In Ibooks Another way to highlight with Diigo is to turn your mouse into a highlighter pen:  Click the Highlight button on toolbar (without selecting text first).  When the highlighter pen is enabled, Or spend a complete day travelling to your nearest decent library to painfully trawl through books, take notes or spend what was quite a lot back then to make copies.

Spoiler alert: I find the integration with Chrome slicker and more comprehensive (Google search support), and this is why I adopted Chrome as my primary browser.

In Chrome, the settings look like this: The first checkbox in the "Bookmarking" box and the second checkbox in the "Enable annotations…" box do the same as in the Firefox version Create an Add-ons Account or log in to your current account close Privacy Policy Diigo recognizes that privacy is extremely important. You can drag the sticky note icon wherever you want, and you can move the text input window as well. How To Highlight On Mac Use Example 3: Primary research with Diigo Because Diigo can cache webpages, it is also a great tool to do primary research.

Sometimes the browser just stays for 10 minutes trying to download some items. I jumbled my 1st account up sooo much with near identical groups/lists I just started over with a new account (keeping the original as archived account)…. If your highlights aren’t showing, just click the arrow to the right of the number.Your information is saved and organized right there. Diigo is a tools you should stay away from.

jayism on Monday 19, 2011 I have been using Diigo since about 2012, well I signed up in 2011 some time, but didn't really become active until I had time to You can also add tags. I noticed that they were now going to make people pay to use the page caching feature and didn't connect it with my pre-existing cached pages. Version Information Version Released February 27, 2013 501.9 kB Works with Firefox 14.0 and later change http to https Download Now This add-on is not compatible with your version of

Please consider sharing this article if you found it useful. All I have to do is to hit "Control + Shift + L" (customizable), and PUFF! - the tab I was just on is closed and safely tucked away in my Downloads Blog Sign in Sign up Downloads Blog Sign in Sign up Diigo Your Learning, Simplified GET STARTED Collect Save and tag your online resources for easy access anytime, anywhere Annotate With the Diigo extension enabled with default settings, every time you select text on a page, a menu will display.

That’s it! Imagine having to phone or write to book needed articles, books, journals weeks in advance. Robert J. Maybe I should, but I believe that services that are linked in with twitter, facebook and pinterest are much more suited for this.

Check out our Mobile Add-ons site. Use Example 2: Read it later One thing I am trying to push myself to is to do one task at a time. On the Mac: Chrome vs. These are mostly side complaints however.

snippets of information can be clipped and aggregated, for sharing, editing or easy search and reference later. Try it free Now! A BIT OFF course, Sorry!